Free Online Masterclass
Discover The 3-Step System That Helps People With An Active Lifestyle To Relieve Chronic Pain 
This Free Online Masterclass
is presented to you by Susanne Jager, Founder of The Natural Pain Relief Clinic™
In this Masterclass I will reveal:
  • The #1 reason why many people often suffer from chronic pain and the simple long-term solution.
  • ​5 common mistakes people make when they search for a solution to end chronic pain...and how a simple lifestyle change can save them a lot of money in therapies and surgery costs.
  • Medical breakthroughs to help the body to self-heal and reduce pain and inflammation.  
  • ​The simple 3-step system my clients use to reduce pain and regain their energy in the comfort of their own home.
  • ​A simple and reliable back pain relief exercise that helps my clients to break through their “pain plateau”.
About Your Host:

Susanne Jager is the founder of The Natural Pain Relief Clinic and has helped hundreds of clients chronic back pain. Having had her own share of pain issues, she has learned to fast track the road to recovery.

She runs popular programmes and retreats world-wide for people living with chronic pain so they can lead a pain-free, healthy and motion-rich life.  

Susanne is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine.

End chronic pain the natural way.
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